Any Community fans out there?  Someone made an awesome video with my Everybody Wants to Rule the World / Sail Mashup!

communitytv danharmon

game of thrones

this is going to be. really surprising. are u guys ready. to be so surprised

  1. bran stark
  2. asha greyjoy
  3. meera reed
  4. jojen reed
  5. viserys targaryen

wow. so surprising



  1. yosuke
  2. nanako
  3. kanji
  4. naoto
  5. chie

i. love so many tho il ove the whole it so much and i love pretty much everyone with one notable exception. for whom i have a volcanic mountain range worth of red hot vitriol and nothing else for lmao

okay in that case, more: fire emblem, both games u like



  1. inigo
  2. owain
  3. lucina
  4. laurent
  5. mmmmarribelle

my last.  my last one is always someone different bc i love so many ppl and my fourth switches back and forth between my sons pretty much every time lmao

holy rocks

  1. eirika
  2. innes
  3. ephraim
  4. l’arachel
  5. tana



[mutual reblogs a post i made] [checks their tags] [nothing]