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hoooly fuckin shit look at this fuckin sweatshirt i just found
u can buy this. this is an actual thing u can own and put on your body. the world never ceases in its wonders

hoooly fuckin shit look at this fuckin sweatshirt i just found

u can buy this. this is an actual thing u can own and put on your body. the world never ceases in its wonders

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ok so i have this hobby where sometimes i just go on aliexpress for a while, pick a jumping-off point (generally a search for ‘harajuku’ does the trick real well) and then i just keep clicking around and looking at everything i can find that has words on it in search of find the most charmingly or hilariously mangled english i can find on things, bc bewildering botched translations on cheap foreign goods are one of the most pure and simple pleasures in life that i know of

so anyway, these are some recent highlights of things that are absolutely goddamn ridiculous but also still cute that i thought i’d share, bc they are delightful

and yes, those are links to the listings up there so u can actually purchase and own these accidental masterpieces and put them on your body in real life

does anyone else ever just out of nowhere sit back and think about glovecest. that was truly the pinacle of fandom achievement tbh i don’t think any fandom innovation will ever top that bc it was 1) real fun to draw and real good practice on something a lot of ppl sort of try to avoid, 2) a really cool experiment to see if u could really draw just hands and have it obvious who the character was who was connected to said hands, and then u know. 3) it was. incredibly appealing bc wow hands and also wow intimacy and emotion focused on just like. one small part of interaction. showing an entire relationship and dynamic. just through their hands. 

ppl who weren’t there for the really good parts talk a lot of trash but we did some awesome things yo


Lots of stuff here…

Noire/Owain touches my soul, because she’s crazy but so is he, and he’d just dote on her and she wouldn’t know how to deal with it and whenever they’re in battle they’d just go insane and wreck shit dual-personality style.

Lucina/Gerome cuddles and babies because they’re the perfect knight/princess couple and I love pairing Cherche with Frederick because Gerome would basically be Lucina’s Frederick- tending to her every need since childhood as well as shadowing her every move in battle. However, instead of crowding her like Frederick does to Chrom, he’d separate himself out of massive respect and sexual tension. They’re both really sensitive behind Lucina’s diplomatic mask and Gerome’s literal one and can communicate without words, and including Minerva have the classiest names. 

HOWEVER< I also love Gerome’s pink hair so I specifically made a Male MU (Orpheus. he’s to the left of big owain face) to look like Gerome’s dad, but of course I chose to play the game on hard mode and it is making it exceedingly difficult to even get to Gerome at this point (And while we’re on the topic of cherche ships I have to admit that even though her and Frederick would be the ultimate vassal/parent team, Virion and Cherche belong together)

The bust of the avatar in the first picture was my beginning MU, Ananke (I’m on my third now. Played through Ananke- casualnormal, Freya- classicnormal, and now Orpheus- classichard.) Also, have a basilio, chrom, and a butchered josh altman from that one real estate show


cute date idea: let me sleep in your bed for hours on end because I’m tired of being a person