"oh, you drew flames around this name! does that affect the pronunciation?"

i love these fucking kids god i haven’t read this support in ages either i can’t stop laughing

this is the second time this week that my blog has basically devolved into “mir yells about owain into the void and hears only his own voice echoing back”

ok i need a journal name and i need to sit down and reread all of his supports to get a better voice feel and i need to think of a backstory and work on a costume and i

can’t believe i am doing this but i am so excited 


unquestionably glad that percy and narcissa are in your top 10. that’s so important to me. also. draco…… this is no surprise but it still warms the cockles of my heart

i think honestly the best indicator of people growing up is their opinions of the weasleys. growing up and maturing with harry potter in your life means the gradual journey from taking the narrative at face value and thinking arthur and molly are good people and great parents and that percy is a boring uptight ass and that you hardly remember who bill and charlie are, into being completely disenchanted with arthur and mollly, disgusted with their treatment of ginny, enamoured with fred and george for COMPLETELY different reasons then you were as a kid, super SUPER into charlie, really fond of bill, and incredibly defensive and skeptical about anyone who talks shit on percy weasley just because the guy was trying to hold together and advance in a society that was falling apart with an absolutely chaotic family to begin with. and like.

he always thought he was doing the right things in the right place, there’s nothing inherently wrong with being lawful good, and in the end he obviously shows that that’s what he is, and that he’s more good than lawful? like? when he sees through what’s going on and he can do something he does. he’s not exceptionally brave and he’s not brash and he’s not outlandish or exciting, he’s straightlaced and casually ambitious, he doesn’t fit in with his family that the books tell us to idealize despite being. pretty. dysfunctional.

but obviously he’s brave and good enough to have gone through seven years in gryffindor, and like, talk shit about gryffindor all you want, but tbh it’s my sister-house more or less, people forget that, i’m tired of asshole slytherins getting elitist about gryffindor, like bitch we are so many of the same things from just slightly different angles?? but in general. lots of overlap. percy might’ve done better in slytherin, but he did fine in gryffindor and he always did the best he could. he’s the kind of person you might not want to watch a whole movie about, because he doesn’t do big exciting things, but he’s also the kind of person who society would entirely fall apart without.

big flash bang exciting heroes and tricksters and villains and big personalities and shit are great but unsung casual heroes and real people are important too and like the more i think about it the more i think that the most interesting weasleys are the ones jkr doesn’t talk about as much and that probably reflects heavily on her writing, like, i wish someone could go in and fill out more to these cool characters she sort of sketched into the peripheries, bc heck knows, the more she talked about a character and the more we saw and knew about them, the less i cared, tbh. like. draco, neville, and luna notwithstanding, and they were ALL more understated and nowhere near as prevalent as. you know. the Big Three or various love interests and sirius or whatever.

i want more really filled out fics that just go into exploring side characters stuff and the real life aspects of the wizarding world i want to know what percy is doing after the war i want to see that i want to know about charlie’s life, please, come on, i don’t want to hear any more about arthur and molly ever anymore, i want to know about the asexual dragon kid and the only normal guy in the family struggling to make a life for himself in the midst of absolute chaos on all sides that just falls apart even more all over the place?? and like??

growing up is getting more and more disappointed in the harry potter canon but more and more interested in the harry potter universe lmao

ok fuck it fuck it i want to do it and there’s a cynthia and that’ll be fun fuck it i’ll figure it out i’m gonna reserve i just need to think of a good journal name now

casimir vs the worldrp tagI CANT BELIEVE IM DOING THIS......i also can't decide what is funnier/better: owain with literally no powers but a huge hero complexor owain who genuinely does have powers but he actually can't control themis it funnier if his RAGING BLOOD and WILD SWORD HAND genuinely cannot be controlled but that likeother than that his only powers are just combat training that has mostly come from watching a whole lot of moviesbecause he is a fucking NERD. or is it better if he just has zero powers and still acts like thatlike. either he has no powers and he does it to convince people he does. or. he just THINKS he has powersi'm leaning towards no powers but this one time he was like. backed up in an alleyand he faked that he had these super out of control powers. and it scared the people pursuing him bad enoughbc he managed to talk a good enough game to convince them that he really had superpowersand then he was like 'holy shit i could totally just keep training and convince people i DID have powers and. really be a hero'bc that's such an owain thing to do. and then also like. he falls back on it like a bit of a self confidence crutch basicallylike 'hey u have these super intense powers they'll show up if you REALLY need them and then the world will be sorry'shit and then like. ok literally he DOES have powers but they are exactly like that and have never ever shown up evershit that's the best i'm going with that. he does have latent uncontrollable untapped superpowers (from his absent dad obvs)but he thinks he doesn't have powers. but he has convinced other people that he does.that is 10000% what i'm going with that's fucking hilariousalso a way to work in like. ricken is his dad. his dad is ricken. latent magical type powersbut also not be like 'yeah so here's the headcanon dad'bc it's gonna be a starlord kinda deal. never met dad.

ok i had thought about it and it’s a cool idea but i’m also like. i have a problem. i have a problem i realize this but i still just i’m way too attached to teen superheroes to play an adult in a superhero game so. so. that’s. the problem. and i’m revisiting stuff and i keep coming back to owain i don’t know where this owain problem just. hit me. so hard. but figuring out how to talk like owain is going to. be a little. challenging. esp since there are some differences between japanese and localized owain?? and also since in an au he wouldn’t be referencing other fire emblem stuff in his referential humour???? how would i. owain. but there is also a cynthia in game and. yeah

also i guess i could pull a star lord with backstory to handwave a canonical dad so that’s not a big issue really 

but. owain. when did owain. help. hold on i thought i published this before i did the sorter. i literally did the sorter bc i was curious as to what my favs are at this point really. i mean other than the recent owain skyrocket i feel like they’ve been the same more or less for quite some time now. so. that’s something

i still don’t know how i would rp owain though but boy do i want to. The Struggle.