psa because halloween month that if u reblog untagged horror stuff esp bad body things i will probably unfollow u if we’re not like. pals. and if we are pals i will. probably feel really really shitty and maybe talk to u about it but mostly it’ll have just made me feel terrible bc there’s so many different horror things that are in so many horror things tha ti just. why does the horror genre exist the world is already horrifying.  i mean  i know i say that as that one guy who specifically seeks out new media to consume that will make me profoundly sad so in theor y i get it but i’m a huge paranoid infant and i literally can’t just. toughen up and deal bc it sets off the dumbass alarms in my bad brains that tell me to freak out and have panic attacks for no reason and then melt down at ppl when they ask me what’s going on and i suddenly launch on this rant about how i know it’s impractical but i am still genuinely stressed out about sea monsters and necromancy but also whatever thing ws. the horror thing. necromancers in YOUR neighbourhood! doing weird things to ur body! 

ok but seriously i know i’m able to joke about how ridiculous my lifelong irrational pathological fears are but sometimes i still get caught off guard and it ruins everything. altho that’s. not usually the kinda thing horror stuff makes happen

that just. puts me on edge and enlivens the constant ever present fear of murderers or triggers my real bad body horror related phobias

and like i personally don’t mind blood and movie gore that’s like. oh that’s a normal how a body works. kinda thing. it’s medical anomaly shit that really fucks with me. so i personally don’t give a shit about blood but while i’m talkin about it ppl really need to learn the difference between like. so little blood in a thing incidentally that it doesn’t rly matter that much and like. the picture someone reblogged this morning with no tags that was of someone who had cut a huge piece of her own skin off to remove a tattoo

and it showed the raw wound and i’m like

dude. dude

what the fuck. don’t. leave that untagged. it may not bother me the most but like. i mean i blocked the post too fast to see who posted it and tell them to i often. tell. people. when they miss important tag warnings or w/e

anyway just bc it’s halloween month doesn’t mean it’s time for untagged horror, pls be conscienscious to the anxiety-ridden weenies amongst u, such as myself

Yooooooooooooooo. Like. Ouiji boards can be dangerous maybe if you don’t set up wards so like. I encourage people not to use them if they don’t know what they’re doing but. I’m so sick of these posts saying ouiji boards ar 100% dangerous and never use it

ok but literally when ever would a ouija board ever be dangerous unless it was like. a rare circumstance of something nasty already being around and the people using it actually genuinely believing that smth bad was going to happen like that’s inviting it yeah but. from my experience in the area u kinda have to talk spirits into dealing with u in any way. like. u have to make it sound interesting for them too or literally bribe them?? and they’re not as clear usually about like. basically unless yer house is already haunted ur not gonna pick up any ghosts sorry u might get in touch with a fairy or two if you make the game seem fun enough but like. ouija boards are one of the most harmless damn tools out there. like. they are. literally they are a tool. they are like any other equipment u use to do a thing for a profession or a hobby. and they’re. substantially less dangerous than, say, a hammer. i just. what do ppl think ur gonna DO with a ouija board that’s gonna be so dangerous??? u call in a spirit to talk to u and play around and ask questions and shit u don’t like. burn offerings and call up the vengeful spirits of the dead from the local recently desecrated battleground or something like that like yeah maybe don’t go off with a ouija board on a full moon in a cemetary and act stupid about it but even then ur sTILL probably gonna get fairies, theyre just gonna be fairies that are fucking with you to freak u out

if i could go back in time and tell me to change one thing in my life i think i would tell little kid me to take and stick to taking guitar and piano lessons. and maybe a martial art.

like six years of cello lessons aren’t doin me so much good now bc i don’t own can’t afford and couldn’t transport a dang cello anyway

and i’m passable at uke now but

boy would it be cool to be able to read tablature. and like. play things. with stuff

ok this is actually i would go back in time and be like ok little me when u grow up u are gonna be heartbroken for literally ever that u didn’t decide to become a rock star bc it’s not something u can really just take up later if u can’ like. play guitar and write songs and have played in two dumb bands in middle school

so i’m countin on u little me

let’s rock this bitch

i believe in u

oh ps don’t tell ppl u have a crush on a random boy during that truth or dare game in 8th grade bc that will mess up ur life for like a year. oh and here’s the secret about gender. deal with that now before its too late

also u should probably learn web coding. u don’t know what that is yet but u will teach urself a little bit on neopets in about two ears and u won’t go any further but u should have bc u could make hella dolla dolla bills doin that. so. there u go. secrets to fame and fortune. knock em dead little me

i moved a blanket to see if i could find where my other pyjamas got to (which. i did. they were under the blanket.) but i also discovered a bottle half full of juice from the other day that i forgot about and i was like “sweet! juice!” and long story short i forgot that i had poured a whole bunch of wine into said juice bottle with only a little juice still into it even more than i forgot about the juice

luckily it was only there like a day and a half so it’s still fine, just a little. room temperature. which is getting colder by the second i need to close a window damn the temperature in this room changes so drastically at sunrise and sunset

just. smth that is bothering me and has been for a while and will be seriously aggravated this month so i’m. ugh

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i got a real bad nosebleed finally after feeling like i was about to have one for like two hours right in the middle of writing that cat post and by golly i kept going

i mean, i keep tissues next to my bed for a reason, but, still